6-Month-Old Baby Inside Minivan Stolen by NYC Carjacker: Police Report

6-Month-Old Baby Inside Minivan Stolen by NYC Carjacker Police Report

Following his Sunday theft of a minivan carrying a 6-month-old infant, a carjacker from New York City is currently being held by authorities.

On Sunday afternoon, Deputy Commissioner Kaz Daughtry of the New York City Police Department posted a request for assistance on social media.

On the intersection of East 46th Street and 3rd Avenue in the Bronx, at around 11:30 a.m., someone got into a minivan and ran away.

According to Daughtry, the car was a 2000 Chrysler minivan that was registered in Pennsylvania, and a 6-month-old child was sleeping in the back seat.

6-Month-Old Baby Inside Minivan Stolen by NYC Carjacker Police Report

A 6-month-old baby was discovered safely within a minivan that a carjacker in New York City had stolen on Sunday – The NYPD/ Image: CNN

After that, the person left in the minivan while the child remained inside.

Daughtry wrote, “Please keep an eye out.” “New York, we need your help.”


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The NYPD released an update regarding Daughtry’s post in less than an hour.

“Thanks to the public’s assistance and the great work by the men and women of NYPD, the 6-month-old has been found safe and a suspect has been taken into custody,” the NYPD stated.

When Fox News Digital inquired about the suspect’s details, the police agency did not respond right away.

The New York Post was informed by law enforcement sources that the 53-year-old suspect is merely a person of interest and has not been formally charged with any offense.

He was accused of committing several offenses in the past, including one for grand larceny automobile in November. He was accused at the time of robbing a Bronx Jeep Liberty, according to sources who spoke with the publication.

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