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Zeineh gets 30-50 years for South Lyon murders

The man convicted for a 2020 double homicide in South Lyon has been sentenced to decades in prison.

21-year-old Fadi Jesus Zeineh of Ann Arbor pleaded guilty last month to two counts of second degree murder, was sentenced Tuesday by Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Cheryl Matthews to 30-50 years in prison.

Zeineh was charged after police say he entered a home on East Liberty Street on December 30th of 2020 and shot 17-year-old Dylan Stamper, killing him. He also shot Stamper’s 43-year-old father, Kevin, who later died at the hospital.

Authorities say the shootings were the result of a marijuana deal that went wrong.

Also charged in connection with the murders is 28-year-old Anthony Porter, who faces three counts of armed robbery and three felony firearms charges. Porter, who police say remained in the vehicle the night of the shootings, has been described as a cooperative witness by prosecutors.

Police also say Porter, who will stand trial in December, was unaware Zeineh had a firearm the night of the shootings.

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