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White Lake man heads to trial for allegedly threatening a judge

A White Lake man already serving time in prison is heading to trial for threatening a judge.

43-year-old Christopher Shenberger, currently incarcerated at Carson City Correctional Facility, will stand trial October 30th, 2023, in front of visiting Jackson County Circuit Court Judge John McBain.  

Shenberger is currently serving a 75–180-month prison sentence and is alleged to have sent a threatening letter to Ingham County Circuit Court Judge Joyce Draganchuk in December of 2021. 

In the letter Shenberger is accused of sending, he complained about potentially being denied parole for not completing a required sex offender program while incarcerated. The letter addressed the judge by using obscenities in place of her full name. Shenberger allegedly wrote that were he required to serve his maximum sentence, he would put “everyone’s name on that docket” on a slip of paper and it will “go into a jar or whatever and who’s ever name [is picked] up will be killed plain and simple.”  

“Attacks and threats against our judges or courts are unacceptable anywhere justice and public safety are valued,” said Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. “Revenge threats over an old conviction, that’s a real fear for some prosecutors and judges, and will be robustly prosecuted.” 

Shenberger is now charged in Ingham County 30th Circuit Court with one count of communicating a false threat of terrorism, a 20-year felony.  

Because Judge Draganchuk serves in Ingham County, the case has been referred to the Department of Attorney General for investigation and prosecution.

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