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United Way group’s Reading Trails program assists more than 3,500 local kids

United Way Livingston County

A program to encourage youth reading was able to reach more than 3,500 local kids this summer.

Livingston County United Way’s “Women United” was formed in 2019 and quickly focused on building Reading Trails for the children in our Community.  Each reading trail is made up of enlarged story pages and illustrations set into a series of weather proof signs along with mini activity instructions for the children to enjoy as they move from page to page. Once the children complete the walk, they will have read an entire book and hopefully learned something new along the way.




This summer, the group added one new permanent trail in the county.  

Permanent trail locations were:

• Settler’s Park in Hartland – Buzzy the Bumblebee

• Fowlerville Community Park in Fowlerville – Grady the Goose

• Genoa Township Hall Walking Trail in Brighton – Stranger in the Woods

These trails were installed the first week of May and are then removed by the end of September. Over these 22 weeks, they averaged 25 children a week at each trail, meaning 1,650 children read a story this summer.

The group also created four story boards for a moveable trail.  Starting in April, they took the moveable trail to 10 events throughout the county and had 2,155 children read at one of these events.

The Permanent Reading Trails are sponsored by Hartland Insurance Agency, Katie Pikkarainen State Farm Insurance and Bank of Ann Arbor.

Anyone with questions about the Reading Trails or Women United, can reach out to Anne Rennie at arennie@lcunitedway.org or (810) 494-3000.

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