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Two Livingston County Democrats elected to statewide party posts

Two Livingston County Democrats won election to statewide posts at the Michigan Democratic Party convention over the weekend.

Christian Alvarado of Howell (left) was elected vice chair of Young Democrats of Michigan while Paul Giessner of Marion Township (right) was elected secretary of the group.

Young Democrats of Michigan is a caucus within the Michigan Democratic Party.

Alvarado, who has been involved in Michigan Democratic politics since 2017, was electoral director of the Young Democrats in 2019, and is a member of the Livingston County Democratic Party Executive Committee.

Giessner was actively involved in the One Campaign for Michigan in Livingston County during 2022, knocked on more than 1,000 doors during the campaign, manages the party’s website, and is a member of the Livingston County Democratic Party Executive Committee.

“Our main focus will be to expand our reach throughout the state so that we can connect the youth with trainings and job opportunities,” Alvarado said.

The mission of Young Democrats of Michigan is to engage people between 16 and 36 years of age in Democratic politics and to promote progressive policies and ideals throughout Michigan.

It is focused on helping young people have a voice in decision-making and helping young candidates run for office.

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