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Turkey brings “joy and laughter” to Scranton Middle School parents

Not all parents of students at Scranton Middle School think a roving bird is all that fowl.

Reports of a turkey named Dinner that has at times temporarily blocked traffic during school drop-off as being “mildly infuriating” aren’t necessarily the opinion of all parents.

One parent reached out to GIGO News to say the encounters with Dinner are anything but maddening.

“Most of us think the turkey is absolutely hilarious and it’s been a nice moment to laugh and connect with our kids,” said one.

Turkey named Dinner roaming in front of Scranton Middle

Other parents in the Scranton Middle School Parent Facebook page seem to agree.

“Our front page news is about this turkey and how it’s a nuisance,” said one parent. “I have a different opinion as a mother and educator. This Turkey brings joy and laughter for my 8th grade son who is trying to navigate hormones and middle school. The odd years. The turkey brings joy in the car and smiles. These emotions are hard somedays to get out of a middle schooler. This morning we were stopped and we were looking for the turkey and we saw it coming. We laughed and we giggled, wondering if it was gonna park itself in the road and who is going to get stopped by it.”

Another said Dinner’s owner had come into their workplace and felt “horrible and mortified” the turkey was causing a commotion.

“I told him it was awesome. He informed me that Dinner loves dog food as a treat, and would actually let you pet him. The owner feels so sorry for the inconvenience to everyone at Scranton. He asked me to post something and let everyone know that he is really sorry for trouble Dinner has caused, and please do not hurt him. It is his pet. He is very sorry. I told him that it was funny and crap happens.”

A fourth parent posted that the turkey was making connections for everyone.

“My son is gonna remember the turkey at Scranton middle school,” they said. “He will remember those times that brought pure joy to his heart. Those are gonna be the memories. Memories for me as a mom with our love that we shared in the car over a silly turkey. Let’s keep life in perspective if this is our front page for our community today. I will take it all day. Enjoy the moments you have with your children.”

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