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Truck hauling glue crashes and closes westbound I-96

Westbound I-96 between Milford Road and Kent Lake Road has reopened after being closed for most  of Monday after an accident involving a truck hauling glue.

Michigan State Police from the Metro South Post were dispatched to a semi-truck crash at 9:35 a.m. Monday on westbound I-96 near Milford Road. A preliminary investigation indicated that the driver of a semi was traveling in the westbound lanes when he allegedly was cut off by another driver and lost control of his truck.  

The truck reportedly veered right, hitting the metal barrier and getting stuck on top of it, causing the contents of his truck to spill.  Two heavy tows were callee in to stabilize the truck from flipping over the barrier and going into the steep ditch and they required all lanes of travel to do so. 

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) needed until Tuesday morning to repair at the damage to the guard rail/barrier to ensure the right lane would be safe to open once the truck was removed and clean up for the glue was completed. 

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