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Thief steals money donated for local girl’s cancer expenses

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The family of a Brighton girl is hoping the public can help locate a suspect in the theft of a donation canister to help with medical costs associated with her cancer treatment.

Travis Waack took to Facebook and posted a surveillance video of a young man walking up to the outside window of the Brighton Dairy Queen on the evening of Wednesday, July 27th and then running off with the canister.

The money was being raised for Waack’s daughter Autumn, who was diagnosed almost a year ago with Stage IV Poorly Differentiated Small Cell Carcinoma with Neuroendocrine Features Unknown Primary cancer. He called it a “very, very rare type of cancer,” that brings with it “lots of expenses, even more so than “regular” cancer” due to the potential for cancer trials, which entails “travel, unknown side effects, trips to the E.R. etc… “

The funds were being raised to assist with the additional expenses that are not covered by traditional insurance.

“So, it can be a little frustrating, while also being laughable, that someone would steal money that is clearly marked as a donation jar for Autumn,” said Waack.

This jar was outside of the Brighton Dairy Queen for Autumn as she was an employee there, as well as the Hartland location.

He asks that if anyone recognizes the suspect from the video, to please contact the Brighton Police Department.

“We’d like to recover the jar and any money that was in there,” said Waack.  “Who knows how much or little that may be, however, it’s something. Maybe the able bodied kid that stole it felt like he needed it more than a person undergoing radiation treatment and chemotherapy.  If so, he can keep it.  Maybe we could do a fundraiser for him!”

There is also a GoFundMe account set up for those willing to pitch in and assist with Autumn’s expenses.


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