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Tackle football back on (for most) in Fowlerville

After an unfulfilled contract threatened to force kids in Fowlerville to play flag football instead of tackle football this season, other districts have stepped forward to try and make things right.

Parents of kids playing on 1st-8th grade recreation teams received an email from league organizers last week informing them that the company hired to recondition and recertify their helmets had failed to fulfill their contract and returned them untouched.

However, Fowlerville Recreation Director Cheryl Dixon tells GIGO News that Capital Varsity Sports in Ohio contacted them last week to get their helmets cleaned and recertified.

“We have received amazing support from our surrounding communities that had extra helmets,” said Dixon. “They are letting us borrow them for the season. Until every child is fitted with a helmet, I won’t be able to say for certain that all levels are going to be tackle football. The 7th and 8th grade level will be tackle. We will be working our way down through the grade levels from there once the reconditioned helmets have been returned.”

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