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Summer Lunch Bunch program set to start in June


A collaborative community meal program in Livingston County is returning again this summer.

The Salvation Army of Livingston County’s Summer Lunch Bunch meal program will return next month as schools around Livingston County let out for the summer leaving many students who receive free and reduced meals during the school year to struggle.

Kids who participate in the Summer Lunch Bunch not only get a nutritious meal, but cam participate in activities and events set up in each location. At the end, they get sent home with a box of pantry food which has enough food to provide them lunches and possibly even some dinners for the rest of the week, until they get to the next day of their program.

Nicole Moor, Development Director for The Salvation Army of Livingston County, said that this year the Summer Lunch Bunch will be meeting in a congregate setting and meals must be eaten on site. Registration is not required for the overall program although it is needed for specific educational/entertainment events happening during Summer Lunch Bunch.

The Summer Lunch Bunch schedule can be found at


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