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State loan guarantee to help fund $25 million training facility in Howell

The Michigan Strategic Fund on Tuesday approved $3.25 million in collateral support from the Michigan Supplier Diversification Program as a part of Independent Bank’s loan to fund the construction of a new $25 million training facility in Howell.

The 108,000-square-foot will include a training arena, a wash bay, and finished areas for classroom and offices.

The project is expected to create 370 jobs within two years.

The Operating Engineers’ Local 324 Journeyman and Apprentice Training Fund, Inc. (OE324) represents more than 14,000 members in the operating engineering field.

OE324 offers classroom and on-the-job training at its two facilities, located in Detroit and Howell.

The organization currently has 425 full-time equivalent employees.

For information on careers with OE324, visit https://www.oe324.org/careers/.  

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