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Slotkin says accountability for Jan. 6 needs to extend beyond “low level” participants

As the House select Jan. 6 committee gets set to hold another hearing on Thursday, Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin says while few minds may be changed, it’s important that the facts come out.

“I think it’s important that the country has a record,” said Slotkin in an exclusive interview with the Mike and Jon podcast. “I think if you read any history or take any history class in high school, you know that when we have this kind of violent event in our nation’s Capitol, in the Capitol building, you have to have a record.”

Slotkin discussing Safe Guns, Safe Kids Act on House floor – 6/8/22

When asked if she thought it would change people’s minds about what happened that day, Slotkin said she was skeptical.

“But do I think it’s important to do? Yes,” she replied. “And I think in particular, the report that they produce at the end of this process, which is of course the intent of any of these commissions, is to write a report and then to make sure there’s full accountability.”

However, Slotkin noted while there have been prosecutions of those who came into the Capitol and committed violent offenses as part of the insurrection, there has not been not enough accountability for those who organized and incited it.

When asked if she thought President Trump should be among those those indicted for incitement, Slotkin said any such indictment would have to meet a legal standard, but it was hard not to see his responsibility.

“I was in the Capitol,” she said. “We were all watching his speech live when he was encouraging people to go and they did go. And now we know from his former chief of staff Mark Meadows that there were just hours and hours where the President refused to get on TV and calm things down and work.”

There has to be accountability,” Slotkin concluded. “Not just for the lowest level folks, but for anyone who organized it.”

The full interview with Congresswoman Slotkin, which also features conversations on gun control and inflation, will appear on Thursday’s edition of the Mike & Jon podcast.

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