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Slotkin puts forward bill to lower prescription drug prices

Legislation has been announced this week by a local lawmaker she says will help drive down the cost of prescription drugs.

8th District Democratic Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin is putting forth The Make Medicine Affordable Act, which, according to a press release, would enable Medicare to negotiate for lower prices, cap the amount seniors on Medicare spend on medication at $2,000 per month and disincentivize companies from raising prices faster than inflation. The bill would also cap the price of insulin at $35 per month.

Slotkin says she has “long advocated for prescription drug reform that lowers costs” and as an example pointed to her Real Time Benefits Act, which was signed into law 2020 by President Donald Trump. That bill enabled doctors to compare prices for different drug brands and at different pharmacies before a prescription is written for patients to pick up.

“What is the issue I hear most about in my district? The cost of prescription drugs. So even though we haven’t gotten meaningful reform through the Senate, we can’t sit on our hands while so many are paying more in drug costs than their mortgage,” said Slotkin. “Congress should knuckle down and work to pass common-sense measures that will have a direct impact on Americans’ lives, and this issue is at the top of the list.”

The full text of Slotkin’s bill can be found HERE.

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