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Site plan approved for redevelopment of abandoned Brighton school

A plan is moving forward to redevelop a long-closed elementary school in Brighton.

The City of Brighton announced Thursday that ithas negotiated and approved a modified site plan for the West Village development to be located on the former Lindbom Elementary School property.

West Village rendering

The proposed West Village project was initially denied by city council, citing concerns about the project’s density and height. The developer and owner of the property jointly filed a lawsuit challenging the denial, alleging constitutional claims related to due process and the unlawful taking of property.

“After much negotiation,” read the statement, “the City was able to achieve a modified plan through a lawful consent judgment that addresses the concerns of the City and many residents, including a reduced density and modified two story plan.”

The privately owned Lindbom property has been vacant for over ten years and has been the subject of many trespass, neglect, and vandalism complaints to Brighton City Police. City officials say the modified plan allows the contamination on the property to be safely addressed, and the property responsibly developed.

“The City is looking forward to the final removal of the vacant Lindbom school after several failed attempts at development,” continued the statement. “The City is confident that the modified site plan addresses the concerns of the City and many of its residents, and brings about a welcome close to uncertain outcomes related to the blighted and vacant Lindbom property.”

Anyone with comments, questions or concerns is asked to email or call 810-844-5053.


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