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Sidewalk removal continues as Streetscape Project progresses in Brighton

Work is continuing on the Downtown Brighton Streetscape Project.

According to an update posted Wednesday on the city’s website, most of the existing sidewalks were removed on both sides of Main Street between Hyne and West, with crushed concrete added in its place and compacted for stability and the walkways delineated for pedestrian safety.

Meanwhile, DTE removed many of the cobra style streetlights and the project electrician removed several of the decorative streetlamps and started layout of new electrical that needs to be replaced. In addition, the cement from the sidewalk and the park area at the Millpond was removed and the contractor has begun placing the forms and pouring concrete.

The crosswalk electrician, who is different from the project’s general electrician, removed 3 of the 10 crosswalk sign bases in Phase 1 of the construction area. They are expected to be back to remove the rest in the coming week.

Next on the agenda for the project will be complete sidewalk removal between Hyne and West, while the project electrician will be performing their work moving from west to east beginning from First Street.

Crosswalks have been established at Hyne and West Street, although the crosswalk at West street will soon be removed at which point pedestrians will need to use the crosswalk at Grand River The Hyne Street crosswalk will still be available. Officials note that this is for safety reasons as this is still a working construction site.

The update states that after a request to consider allowing on-street parking between First Street and Hyne, a discussion was held, and it was determined that it will be safe to allow parallel parking there. Due to the width requirements and the contractors needing to be able to go through the area in question with equipment and supplies, this was deemed to be the safest choice. However, if issues arise that could affect vehicle, pedestrian or the contractor’s safety, this area may be closed.

The sidewalks are planned to be removed between West Street and Grand River sometime in the next week, pending an update from the contractor, while the contractor is planning to begin the storm work next week.

Finally, after some concern about the messaging on the PCMS sign on I-96, officials say the message will be changed from “Seek Alternate Route” to “ Follow Detour” in an effort to keep visitors coming to downtown.

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