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Senior Living facility gets approval from Howell Planning Commission

The City of Howell Planning Commission has given approval to a site plan and special land use for a senior living facility located on about 8-acres at 300 West Highland Road, near Town Commons Drive.

The project by Evangelista Development had been previously approved but ran into delays when previous approvals expired. A two-story building was originally proposed in 2018 but the current plan is for a one-story facility, which developers say would have less of an impact on the surrounding neighborhood while maintaining an identical footprint.

The nearly 62,000 square foot facility will include four residential wings with 110 total beds amid 60 residential units.

According to the Livingston Daily, Evangelista Development received approval from the planning commission on March 16th, although  there were conditions that touched on parking, access from M-59, pedestrian connections, screening and a contribution to public space. 

Evangelista Development is now expected to submit construction plans that meet those conditions. 


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