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Run event will help Larry Prout Jr. assist families and children with medical needs

An event to help children and families at the University of Michigan Mott Children’s Hospital is set to take place next month in Hamburg Township.

The Larry Prout Jr. 5K and 1-Mile Fun Run will take place Saturday, August 5th at the Pathfinder/Navigator Complex on M-36.

Proceeds will benefit the Larry Prout Jr. Courage Fund which was created to aid C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital patients who have current and ongoing life-threatening health issues. 

The hospital holds special meaning for Larry Prout Jr., who was born there in 2001 with spina bifida and other complex medical conditions requiring over 100 surgeries through the years.

“I’m helping kids and their family at the U of M Mott Children’s Hospital with utility bills and groceries because I want to help give back,” said Larry, speaking Friday on the Mike & Jon podcast. “When I was little, I needed my family and I needed a lot of help and I was little and that’s why I want to give back to everybody.”

The  Fund helps with gas, food, utilities, clothes and many other basic necessities, that become hardships when a family is facing the medical crisis of a loved one but does not fund medical bills or treatments.

Larry’s mother, Kathy Prout, says they know from first-hand experience how these funds can make a difference.

“When you have a child in the hospital, even if you have insurance, things that we do every day become a hardship; getting your bills paid on time, getting groceries, taking care of your family at home, gasoline, hotel, all of those kinds of things, they become a hardship,” she said. “So those are the things we want to help with. That’s the kind of help we needed. You know, back in the day we had our electricity shut off. We did lose our last home. It was very hard. Most of our time was spent with Larry.”

The event will also benefit The Arc Livingston which provides advocacy, information, referrals and support to people with developmental disabilities, and their families, in Livingston County. The Arc has also been a big part of Larry’s life, helping to advocate for his educational needs. He now serves on the organization’s board of directors.

“With support from his family, friends and community, Larry has been able to live a productive and fulfilling life,” states Prout’s fundraising page. “Larry is involved with several nonprofits by fundraising, public speaking, volunteering and as a board member. Larry has been a community volunteer working hard for many of our local nonprofits, raising virtually thousands of dollars since he was 14.”

Runners, as well as sponsors, are being sought for the event. Additional details and a link to sign up can be found at runsignup.com.

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