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Road closures and water interruptions set next week for Downtown Brighton

City officials in Brighton are advising commuters and residents about service interruptions and road closures that are scheduled for next week as part of the Main Street Watermain Construction Project.

On Monday, March 27th, the water connection in the CSX Railroad easement on Main Street will take place, which will cause a water service interruption for all businesses on the south side of Main from Hyne to the railroad tracks. Tribute Salon and all businesses on the north side of Main will not be affected by this work. Main Street from Grand River to S. Second Street will be closed for the connection. There will also be no access to Main Street from First Street, Millpond Lane or St. Paul Street. That work is anticipated to take most of the day.  Business owners with deliveries scheduled for Monday are advised to contact Rob Tolliver to set up arrangements so trucks have access to enter and exit.

On Tuesday, March 28th, the West Street water connection is scheduled, which will require two crews and will take all day to complete. It will require a water shutdown for all businesses on both the north and south side of Main Street from West Street to Grand River.  The water interruptions will also include Ginopolis, Jezebel’s Saloon, Beverly Rae’s, the CoBACH Building, and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Main Street will be closed from Grand River to West Street, and St. Paul will also be closed.

On Wednesday, March 29th, the Grand River water connection is scheduled, which will require a water service shut down for all businesses on East Main St, from Grand River to East Street. This also includes CVS Pharmacy, Murray’s Auto, and Sushi Zen.  Water interruption is also expected for businesses located on both sides of Grand River from St. Paul to North Street.   Champs Pub, University Lending, AmeriFirst Mortgage, Lu and Carl’s and Burns Law Office are not expected to experience any water service interruptions.  No businesses on West Main Street will be affected by this connection.

Also, the outside lane of east/southbound Grand River, between St. Paul and North Street, as well as the outside lane of west/northbound Grand River, between North and Main Street will be closed for the day. There will also be no left turn from east/southbound Grand River onto East Main Street.

Additionally, westbound East Main Street will only allow for right turns into Grand River. All through traffic will need to follow the posted detour at East Street.

The schedule is weather dependent and officials  say any of these connections can take longer than anticipated. Once the connections are done, the service interruptions for West Main Street will be complete. The final water main work will take place on East Main between Grand River and East Street, where a smaller watermain replacement will take place. That is scheduled for early April.

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