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Ribbon-cutting held for new I-96 Fowlerville Weigh Station

A ceremony was held Tuesday for a refurbished facility near Fowlerville that most drivers see, but only truckers use.

The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division of the Michigan State Police held an Open House to officially open the new state of the art Fowlerville Weigh Station.

The project involved constructing an entirely new building including a Lobby, MSP Control Room, MSP Office, Break Room, Multi-Use Interview area and fitness room.

In addition, the old asphalt drives were removed, which were replaced with concrete, while a bypass lane and weigh in motion scale were added along with associated signs and lights.

There are currently 14 weigh stations at 10 locations throughout the state, which saw 3.5 million commercial vehicles pass through last year.

The Fowlerville scales alone weighed approximately 10,000 commercial vehicles last year.

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