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Queer Families of Livingston seeks to ‘build a strong community’ through events, activities

Queer Families of Livingston started simply enough: a few families at Howell Pride, discussing playdates for their children.

In an interview with GIGO news, Chelsea Steinhauser said that the initiative gained momentum when she and her wife Sara started looking for social opportunities for their young children.

“A friend had just moved from Chicago, and said that she hadn’t seen a lot of families with two moms,” Steinhauser said. “We wanted our kids to be able to see other families that look like ours.”

What initially started as a mission to find other families that look like theirs, has blossomed into a much greater network than they could have anticipated. Within the first day of establishing a Facebook group, over 200 people reached out expressing their support for and interest in the community. 

The immense outreach highlights what Steinhauser described as the “need for opportunities, for building relationships in communities.”

Queer Families of Livingston is designed to be a connecting point, a center of communication and resources for parents who identify as queer, as well as parents raising queer children. It’s also, as Steinhauser mentioned, an opportunity for children who identify as queer, or children of queer parents to connect through activities and events.

The goal is to set up monthly events for three different age groups, ranging from elementary to high school. Steinhauser also noted that, while details are still in the works, the group is looking forward to more events and opportunities in October, particularly for National Coming Out Day. In the meantime, they plan to continue networking and expanding through their newly revamped Facebook page.

“It’s a place for sharing resources, for reaching out to those who need a little extra love and support,” Steinhauser added. “And building a strong community.” 


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