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Public hearing set Thursday for proposal to place cell tower at South Lyon High School

A meeting this week will discuss a proposal to place a cell phone tower on the grounds of South Lyon High School.

The South Lyon Zoning Board of Appeals will hold a public hearing on Thursday, August 17th to allow the public to comment on a proposed use variance to permit a 155 foot cell tower on the high school’s property.

Because a private company, TowerCo 2013 LLC, is locating a commercial structure on the property, they are required to get site plan/use variance approval.

At the December 6th, 2022 meeting of the South Lyon Community Schools Board of Education, Superintendent Steven Archibald said that in addition to some revenue for the district, the tower would also improve cell coverage in the area. He also shared that it has a public safety feature that would assist First Responders by utilizing the First Net Communication capabilities in the event of a critical incident.

The board then voted unanimously to enter into a multi-year agreement with TowerCo to construct a cell tower on the grounds at South Lyon High School, with the district leasing an approximately 75°×30′ parcel for the tower and ground equipment.

According to a presentation by the company, the lease would consist of a 10-year prepaid payment to the school in the amount of $180,000. along with a 2% annual escalator. Monthly rent would be paid beginning after the initial 10-year term with 2% compounded beginning at $1,828.50. All maintenance inside the compound and on the tower itself would be the responsibilitv of TowerCo, which also plans to design it for future carriers, including Verizon. Dish & T-Mobile.

Thursday’s meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals of the City of South Lyon will take place at 7 p.m. in the South Lyon Council Chambers, 335 S. Warren.

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