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Presentation will highlight Wild Women in Michigan’s Past

Can you imagine being strapped into a wooden barrel and shoved into the Niagara River for a hair-rising ride over the falls, and living to tell the tale?

That’s what Bay City’s Annie Edson Taylor did in 1901, which qualifies her to join a group of other daring females featured in a presentation at 3 p.m. this Sunday, March 19 at the Hamburg Township Museum – just in time for Women’s History Month.

Former museum administrator Patricia Majher will share stories she’s uncovered about wild women in Michigan history who ignored the conventions of their times to do something memorable – and sometimes crazy! – just because they wanted to.

You can look forward to hearing about a deep-sea diver who recovered millions of dollars’ worth of copper from the Great Lakes, a trader who built an empire of furs from her Mackinac Island home, a jockey who wasn’t afraid to mix it up with her competitors fist to fist, a Motor City madam who had Detroit vice officers and Purple Gang members on her payroll, and more.

Admission is free and refreshments will be served.

For further information, contact hamburgmuseummichigan@outlook.com or call 810-986-0190.

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