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Prescribed burn prepares Kellogg Family Nature Preserve for new growth

A successful prescribed burn was performed Tuesday at the Kellogg Family Nature Preserve in Oceola Township.

According to the Livingston Land Conservancy, the burn was initiated in order to kill off non-native plants, enrich the soil, and encourage growth of the native vegetation that are burn dependent.

Officials say the next step is to mow the top-killed Multiflora Rose shrubs to get back more of the open space and then see what grows back this Spring. They add that eventually a mowed walking trail will be planned for public access.

“We were very happy to have the preserve donor, Deborah Kellogg Lewis and her grandson, Levi, help witness this important restoration event,” said a social media post. “We are hoping to get Levi, the 7th generation descendant of the original Kellogg owner, to help with stewardship of the preserve. It seems only fitting!”

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