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Parker Middle School students selected for State Honors Choir

Nine Parker Middle School vocal music students have been selected to be a part of the prestigious Michigan School Vocal Music Association (MSVMA) State Honors Choirs as they perform at the opening ceremonies of the Michigan Music Conference held in January.

There are three middle school State Honors Choirs that students can audition for, Soprano 1, Soprano 2 and Alto (SSA), Soprano and Alto (SA), and Tenor 1 Tenor 2 and Bass (TTB).

Students from Parker Middle School were selected to participate in each of the choirs. Sophia Bogotaitis, Ellie Mae Cox, Melody Madden, and Carmella Rheaume will perform with the SA State Honors Choir. Sophia Bearden, McKenna Mackillop, and Bella Reading were selected for the SSA State Honors Choir. Christopher Labedz and Miles Vohwinkle were chosen for the TTB State Honors Choir. 

The students were selected to perform with the choirs following individual online auditions and a Regional Honors Choir performance. After being selected for the State Honors Choirs, each student received the musical numbers they would perform to allow them to rehearse at home and after school. The students will also attend three group rehearsals.

“Earning a sport with one of the MSVMA State Honors Choirs is an incredible honor. Having nine students selected for the various choirs is a testament to the talent of the signers and the quality of the music programs offered at Howell Public Schools,” said Kelli Falls, Parker Middle School Vocal Music instructor. “Being a member of the State Honors Choirs takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. I am so very proud of these students.”

The purpose of the Michigan Music Conference is to provide relevant professional development and vibrant musical experiences that support music education for educators and their students. 

In the photo from left: Carmella Rheaume, Ellie Mae Cox, Miles Vohwinkle, Sophia Bearden, Bella Reading, Christopher Labedz, Sophia Bogotaitis, and Melody Madden. Not pictured McKenna Mackillop.

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