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Officers kill Walled Lake man after he shoots wife and daughter

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office says a Walled Lake man was shot dead by officers after he shot and killed his wife and injured their daughter early Sunday.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said they received a 911 call at 4:11 a.m. Sunday from a 25-year-old woman who said her father had shot her and killed her mother. Both county deputies and Walled Lake Police officers responded to the 1200 block of Glenwood Court in an attempt to locate the residence. While talking with a neighbor, they heard a gunshot come from the house next door.

As they approached, Bouchard said 53-year-old Igor Lanis came outside with a shotgun and started shooting at officers. They returned fire and killed him. No officers were injured.

Once inside the house, police found Lanis’ 25-year-old daughter shot in the back and legs with a shotgun. She was taken to the hospital in stable condition. Lanis’ 56-year-old wife was discovered dead after being shot at least four times with a handgun. The family dog was also shot and killed.

Bouchard said they believe both the mother and daughter may have been trying to flee the home.

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