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Norris named as 2022 Champion for Children

A longtime advocate for child abuse and neglect prevention efforts was recently acknowledged for her work.

Deanna Norris was named as the 2022 Champion for Children award recipient during LACASA’s Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Council’s virtual “Plant a Pinwheel Celebration” in April.

Holly Naylor, CAP Council Coordinator and Deanna Norris, Award recipient

The Champion for Children award is a joint effort between the CAP Council and the Great Start Collaborative of Livingston County to recognize outstanding individuals who devote significant time and energy to helping children in Livingston County.

Norris was the coordinator for the Child Abuse Prevention Council for many years. Through that work, LACASA says she expanded fundraising for abuse prevention efforts, which allowed the CAP Council’s educational outreach to include a much larger population. At one point, her efforts led to training the entire Howell Public Schools’ staff on child sexual abuse prevention, impacting thousands of children that year alone.

“She was innovative in her approach to prevention, always seeking out current data and programs that would work best in Livingston County,” said the agency. “Although her role was part-time, Norris put in many hours of volunteer time over and above her paid time to assure that this critical work was done.”

Norris was also one of the original members of Positively Pinckney, an organization comprised of highly-motivated Pinckney parents, teachers, and community members who had an idea to create and put in place a strategic marketing plan to attract and bring new families to the area of Pinckney.

“Today’s prevention efforts would not be possible without the work done by those who preceded us,” said Holly Naylor, LACASA’s Director of Family Prevention and Education. “Sir Isaac Newton said ‘if I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants,’ and Deanna Norris is a giant in the field of protecting children in Livingston County.”

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