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New VA clinic opens in Howell

A new VA Center has opened up in Howell making it easier for thousands of Livingston County veterans to receive medical care.

“All of our staff have been with the VA for some time,” Deputy Associate Chief of Staff Sean Kesterson told WLNS, TV-6. “So, yeah, it’s not our first rodeo we are ready to go.”

The new 7,100-square-foot facility offers two primary care teams working in six exam rooms and a blood draw lab. There will also be social workers, dieticians and a pharmacist. It is located at 3399 East Grand River Avenue in Genoa Township, across from Home Depot.

Previously local veterans had to drive to Ann Arbor or Detroit to receive VA services, but Kesterson say now assistance is available in their own community.

“So, it’s a very deliberate decision, strategically to be exactly where the veterans are so they have access,” he said.

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