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New group focused on providing grief support

A newly formed organization that supports Livingston County residents who have suffered a loss is planning an event this fall that will highlight their mission and resources available.

The Grief Alliance of Michigan is a network of community organizations, professional grief providers, and individuals, including those who facilitate grief support groups, work for hospice, work for funeral homes, run grief support charities, provide grief counseling, and are studying to become grief therapists.

“We share a passion for supporting those who are grieving and believe that we can do more together,” said the group in a release. “We are dedicated to the collaboration, communication, and collection of shared resources to better serve those who are living with grief.”

The Alliance will be hosting an event on Saturday, October 7th, from 1 to 4 p.m. at Howell High School called “Coming Together in Grief.” Attendees will have a chance to visit booths and leam more about the organization as well as other grief support that is available in the area. There will also be a screening of the movie “Speaking Grief,” which focuses on the idea that grief is a universal experience rather than something that needs to be fixed.

“This powerful film is validating for those who are already grieving, and illuminating for those who wish to support others in grief,” said the group, which is inviting attendees to stay after the film for a panel composed of leaders in grief support from around the community who will discuss what the community is doing well to support grievers, what challenges still remain, and what they can do next.

The Grief Alliance of Michigan says it is open to anyone who serves those in grief, including support group facilitators, hospice workers, counselors, therapists, clergy, funeral directors, nurses, doctors, librarians, senior center directors, social service agency employees, police officers, etc.

Alliance meetings will be held monthly, and provide the chance for members to learn more about grief, share their own resources and events, network with other members, and collaborate on community action. There is no fee to join and all who are passionate about grief support are welcome.

An application to join is available on their website: griefalliancemi.com

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