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Millen sells former Rolison hardware store, hopes for different location to locate marijuana business

The co-owner of a marijuana store in Walled Lake has sold off the building he purchased last year in Downtown Brighton, but says he still wants to bring a location to the Brighton area.

Jerry Millen of Hartland Township, who co-owns the Greenhouse of Walled Lake, sold the former Rolison PRO Hardware building to a Brighton couple, Michael and Whitney McCowan, who reportedly plan to renovate it and use it for a variety of purposes.

Millen said he sold the store partly because he wanted to put to bed any and all rumors that he planned to locate a marijuana store in the downtown area. However, he does still want to find a location in Brighton at some point in the future, just not downtown. Millen also indicated that the cost of renovating the building was higher than anticipated.

Currently such businesses are not allowed in Brighton, which has opted out under the terms of Michigan’s recreational marijuana law. However, city officials have been discussing future possibilities.

That conversation has taken on new urgency in light of the 2020 voter-approved ballot initiative in Pinckney, which had also opted out, but then was forced to integrate the businesses in without having complete control over the ordinance language.

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