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MEA endorses slates of school board candidates

As the November 8 election approaches, the races for area school boards have been heating up with traditional education-focused candidates being challenged by more extreme challengers backed by groups including Moms for Liberty decrying the so-called “indoctrination” of students.

That accusation usually centers around critical race theory, a collegiate-level theory not taught in K-12 schools, or accommodations for LGBTQ+ students.

Mitchell Robinson, a professor of music education at Michigan State University and a Democratic candidate for the State Board of Education, said education is purposely being made into a wedge issue for November’s midterm elections.

“Public education is designed to serve all students and respond to the needs of parents and communities,” Robinson said, adding that extremists “want to decide what books other people’s kids get to read.”

In response, local units of the Michigan Education Association (MEA) have been conducting interviews with candidates on the education and labor issues at play in their districts and recommending candidates for local school board positions.

Those recommendations include all five public school districts in Livingston County, as well as several others in surrounding areas.

Endorsed by the MEA:

Brighton School Board

  • Angela Krebs
  • Kenneth Stahl
  • Lyndsay Wing


Chelsea School Board

  • Michelle Craig
  • Glenn Fox
  • Kate Henson
  • Scott Moore


Dexter School Board

  • Melanie Szawara
  • Daniel Alabre


Fenton School Board

  • Nicholas Lecea
  • Mike Pearce
  • Ashley Prew


Fowlerville School Board

  • John Belcher
  • Diana Dombrowski
  • Denise Yon


Hartland School Board

  • Michelle Heymeyer
  • Meghan Glabach
  • Ed Gentile
  • Victor Bugni


Howell School Board

  • Christy Conn
  • Tracy Flak
  • Grace Trudell


Huron Valley School Board

  • Denise Forrest
  • Lindsay Cotter
  • Ryan Dolley
  • Joseph Pilchowski


Pinckney School Board

  • Gayle Hurn
  • Bill Wearne
  • Michelle Crampo

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