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Lyon Township group helps free deer from Halloween bucket

A Lyon Township-based animal rescue group was able to successfully free a deer, whose plight had been chronicled on social media, from a bucket strapped to its head.

The South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery group intervened to assist a deer nicknamed Bucky, who had been seen for the past several days near a Bloomfield Hills neighborhood with a plastic pumpkin bucket stuck on its face.

According to trail cam photos, Bucky got its head stuck in the bucket on December 7, while feeding with several other deer. It was then seen on various security cameras from nearby homes with the bucket fully coverings its face.

On Friday, members of South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery used a drop net to trap Bucky, so they could cut the bucket off, at which point, the deer ran back into woods, free from the bucket.

A post on the group’s Facebook page noted that without their intervention, Bucky likely would have died.

“This would’ve never came off,” stated the post. “The plastic ties were so tight and big on the inside of the bucket that there was no way he would’ve gotten it off. He did try to smash it off at one point as the back of it was cracked but it was not budging.”

The group thanked the community for their help and noted that they are in need of a variety of supplies to assist in their efforts. The group has a GoFundMe page to receive donations. 

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