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Low-cost dental clinic expands eligibility

A local dental nonprofit is making it possible to provide low-cost dental care to more Livingston County adults in need.

VINA Community Dental Center said on Wednesday that they are raising the income ceiling from 225% to 250% of the Federal Poverty Level in response to recent economic trends.


“As the cost of living goes up, it is becoming more and more difficult to afford basic needs on low or limited incomes. VINA is increasing the income requirements to adapt to the constantly changing needs of our community. VINA’s Board of Directors and staff are excited to better meet those evolving needs of Livingston County residents,” said VINA Board Vice President Dr. Fred Bonine, “The increase will be reviewed on a regular basis as the economy and cost of living continue to change.”

VINA staff, volunteers and University of Michigan School of Dentistry students provide restorative, preventive and emergency dental services at the clinic. Dental appointments cost patients $25 and hygiene appointments cost $10. Referrals to local specialists such as oral surgery and root canals also only cost VINA patients $25 thanks to the generosity of the specialists who donate their time and services.

To access applications, see new income requirements and learn more, visit www.vinadental.org/eligibility or call the office at (810) 844-0240.

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