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Livingston woman named to head up GM Canada

General Motors has named a Livingston County woman as its new president and general manager of GM Canada.

Marissa West of Brighton Township has been the executive chief engineer for GM’s mid-size and medium duty truck division the last three years, where she has led the design, engineering, and development of programs for GM trucks.

According to a press release from GM Canada, West holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Michigan State University.

“It’s a great honour to take on the role of GM Canada president and managing director at such as pivotal time for both our company and our industry in Canada,” said West. “I am passionate about innovation, and I can’t wait to support our people and partners as we unleash our talent and ideas to drive the transformation of the automotive industry.”

West has four children with her husband Bob, and according to the press release, “they look forward to immersing their family into Canada.”

Bob West is the Manager for Hartland Township. When asked if his wife’s promotion would impact his tenure with the township, he responded to GIGO News with this statement; “I remain committed to Hartland Township and predict no foreseeable impacts regarding my tenure as Hartland Township Manager.”

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