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Livingston County’s Chief Deputy Clerk receives national recognition

Kristi Cox, Livingston County’s Chief Deputy Clerk, is being celebrated for her recent certification as a fellow of the Institute for Court Management (ICM).

ICM Fellows complete a rigorous four-step process that measures an individual’s aptitude in court management, research, and executive leadership through three levels of certification.

Cox, who described her fellowship experience as “an opportunity to do something exceptional,” joins eighteen other recent program graduates and more than 1,300 alumni.

“This fellowship resulted in developing relationships with other court managers to exchange ideas, experiences, and knowledge,” she said. “With that information, we can move the ball forward on important concepts like justice for all and court reform. The relationships I have forged with my classmates will be lifelong.”

Cox dedicated two years to creating and conducting a research project on a subject that doesn’t have published research and is an issue many courts grapple with. In July, she presented her research to a panel of court experts and had her project accepted and published with the National Center for State Courts.

County officials say that due to the innovation of her research and results, courts in other states are taking a look at her work and considering implementing her developed processes.

A few weeks ago, Cox attended her graduation ceremony at the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington D.C.

“The graduation itself was truly one of the greatest moments in my life,” she said, noting the event was held in areas usually reserved for Court Justices and staff.

Livingston County Clerk Elizabeth Hundley attended the event to celebrate Cox’s achievement.

“I am proud of Kristi for her dedication and commitment to furthering her professional education by attaining the Fellows designation,”

said Hundley. “Her desire to provide superior leadership within our court system provides benefits far beyond Livingston County. She is a true public servant and it is an honor to work alongside her providing the highest level of service to our judges, the public, and users of our court system.”

For her part, Cox was deeply grateful for Hundley’s encouragement and helpful feedback throughout her program.

“I couldn’t have done this without Clerk Hundley,” she said. 

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