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Livingston County to roll out new website design

Livingston County is redesigning its website.

Expected to launch June 23rd, officials say the new website design will offer easier access to the most used pages and services, as well as a cleaner, simpler layout for visitors to navigate.

“For the last six months, each County Office and Department has refreshed their content to ensure that the new site is user-focused and provides the information our residents, local businesses, and community partners need,”

stated a press release. “The new site is easy to navigate, has a fresh look and feel, requires less clicks, features an intelligent and robust search engine, is mobile responsive, and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). While www.livgov.com will continue to direct you to the County’s website, we’ll be announcing a new domain name closer to the site launch.”

 Officials say key changes and new website features will include:

• Simplified and organized navigational tabs are featured on the website’s header to help residents quickly find the information they are looking for. County Departments and Offices are found under the “Government” tab, while all Livingston County Courts can be found under the “Courts” tab. The “Services” and “How Do I” tabs feature the most visited departments and services for easy access. Throughout the website, these most sought-out pages and services are also prominently featured with icon buttons.

 • Users can stay up-to-date in the recently added News Room which will include the latest press releases and announcements. They can also sign up to get the latest news delivered straight to their inbox. In addition, there is an expanded calendar of public meetings for County Board and Committees, while a new Featured Events section showcases major County events like Open Houses, Recycling Collections, and more.

 • A more aesthetically pleasing color scheme with photos that highlight Livingston County’s scenery. Anyone who knows of a scenic location can pass that along to communications@livgov.com or even send a photo of their own, that be featured on the website.

 • Links to the County’s official social media sites are included in the site’s footer and participating Departments, like the Sheriff’s Office, Animal Shelter, and Health Department. Residents are encouraged to follow the County for the latest news, events, and announcements.

 “We’re looking forward to launching the new website and hopes the public enjoys using it and finds it an easy to navigate, helpful resource,” stated the release.

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