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Livingston County Sheriff’s Office receives accreditation

Following a process that began back in June, the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office has been fully accredited by The Michigan Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission (MLEAC).

Sheriff Mike Murphy said he was “excited and pleased” to announce that they received notification of the accreditation on Wednesday, September 14th and were honored to become the first Sheriff’s Office in the State of Michigan to achieve this status. Livingston County’s Field Services Division joins 52 other law enforcement agencies throughout the state that have completed accreditation.

“We are elated to be the first Sheriff’s Office in the State of Michigan to become accredited by MLEAC,” said Murphy. “I’d like to thank and congratulate my staff for this accomplishment, because at the end of the day, it is every man and women in this office that made this possible, and in turn, makes us successful. Much work went into the process of complying with the standards set by MLEAC and considered the best practices in the law enforcement industry. Based on 108 standards of policing, the accreditation serves to highlight the professionalism of the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office and deliver continual improvement to services the Office provides for our community.”

According to a statement, the Howell Police Department proceeds the Sheriff’s Office in accreditation and many local agencies like the City of Brighton Police Department, Hamburg Township Police Department, and Fowlerville Police Department are all in the process of seeking such accreditation.

“Accreditation is a significant accomplishment and aligns well with the Office’s mission to strive for professional excellence and provide outstanding service to the community they are entrusted to protect,” read the statement. “The Sheriff’s Office values the benefits best practices bring to their operation and is thankful that our employees and residents will experience the improvement.”


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