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Livingston County Man Wins $450,000 on the Michigan Lottery’s The Big Spin Show

A Livingston County man had to take the day off work after finding out he was selected to be a contestant on the Michigan Lottery’s The Big Spin show.

Philip Halladay, of Howell, won the big prize after spinning the prize wheel on The Big Spin show hosted by Detroit basketball champion, John Salley. Halladay was selected to participate in the show after entering codes from non-winning The Big Spin tickets online.

“I got the call that I was selected as a The Big Spin contestant while I was at work, and needless to say, I had to take the rest of the day off,” said Halladay. “I came in expecting to win $100,000, so leaving with $450,000 is so surreal. I feel shaky, excited, and in shock!

“With the winnings, my fiancé and I plan to have a big wedding, take a trip, and then save the remainder. We have a bright future ahead and a lot to look forward to!”

Halladay, 35, was one of five players selected for The Big Spin show in a random drawing. Entries are still being accepted into The Big Spin second chance drawing.

Players may enter non-winning The Big Spin tickets at www.MIBigSpin.com for a chance to appear on the televised game show. Five additional players will be selected to appear on the Lottery’s The Big Spin televised events. The final The Big Spin second chance drawing is scheduled to take place on March 1.

Each player selected will spin The Big Spin wheel and have a chance to win up to $2 million. All the players who spin The Big Spin wheel are guaranteed to win at least $100,000.

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