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Livingston Christian School closed after student makes threat

A local private school was closed Thursday after a threat was made against it.

Michigan State Police report that on Wednesday December 14th, at approximately 3:08 p.m., a direct threat was sent via text message to a student at the Livingston Christian School in Genoa Township.

The threat sent by another student, stated, “Tomorrow I’m going to bring a gun to school and kill you, don’t come to school tomorrow.”

The student immediately reported this threat to the assistant principal, who then contacted Livingston County Central Dispatch.

A trooper was dispatched to investigate and after multiple interviews, a student admitted to sending the threat.

Even though it was determined the student does not have access to firearm(s), administration at Livingston Christian School decided to close school on Thursday.

Area law enforcement will also conduct extra patrols of the area on Thursday.

The 16-year-old student was suspended until further notice and was released to his parents.

The investigation will be forwarded to the Livingston County Prosecutors office for review of charges.

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