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Lawnmower ignites fire in Brighton Twp. home

A fire Monday in Brighton Township heavily damaged a home after a hot lawnmower ignited debris inside a garage.

The Brighton Area Fire Authority says units were called just after 2 p.m. to a residential fire in the 5300 block of Daniel Drive.

According to Fire Marshal Rick Boisvert says the fire started in the garage of the home and caused heavy damage to the residence as it spread through the connected attic. 

“The homeowner had just completed mowing his lawn and leaves and parked his riding mower in his garage,” said Boisvert.  “Shortly after, they noticed the fire.  The investigation determined the origin and cause to be the lawnmower.”

Boisvert says they encourage all residents to allow their yard equipment to cool outside before storing and to blow off or rinse off any accumulated grass or leaves, especially this time of year.

Pictures courtesy of Livingston County Fire Buffs

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