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LACASA says use of logo on nomination form was unauthorized and asked that it be removed

An online nomination form using the official logo of LACASA was doing so without the permission of the local nonprofit which asked that it cease doing so immediately.

The form, titled “John Conely Champion For Children Nomination!!,” sought to gain public support for Conely, a local Brighton businessman and Treasurer of the Brighton Area Schools Board of Education, to be named as the winner of an annual award sponsored by LACASA, which is Livingston County’s premiere domestic violence and sexual assault awareness agency.

However, LACASA posted to their Facebook page that the form’s use of their logo was not legitimate.

“A petition to nominate a candidate for the LACASA CAP Council/Great Start Livingston’s Champion for Children award using LACASA’s logo is circulating on social media,” states the post. “The logo is being used without LACASA’s permission. LACASA is not endorsing this particular candidate – or any other – for the award. In addition, the award does not accept votes from the community. We request that the person who originated this online petition remove it and refrain from using LACASA’s logo without permission again.”

Since that post, and the subsequent publicity, the logo has been removed and the form is now closed to further entries.

The nomination form had said it was from a group called Brighton Community Cares and asked the public to “join us in recognizing this man and his tireless work on behalf of BAS in leading the charge for children and their families. Through his focused, and often thankless work, Mr. Conely has led the fight against the harm brought to children from COVID mandates when standing up and asking questions about what we were doing to our children was taboo. He knew and he fought!”

An email seeking comment from Mr. Conely on the unauthorized use of the logo as well as his knowledge of or involvement with the effort has been sent, but has yet to be returned.

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