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LACASA “Reach Out” teen campaign underway

A campaign is underway this month to raise awareness about sexual assault.

The “Reach Out” campaign was developed by LACASA’s Teen Advisory Council (TAC) and is being distributed to students throughout high schools in Livingston County.

Each year, the TAC members create a campaign designed to reach local teens and provide them with information on resources available for victims of interpersonal violence

“We are so inspired by our teen volunteers, their purpose, and motivation in spreading the word and message of hope to the teenage sexual assault survivors in our community,” said LACASA’s Youth Prevention Educator and Social Change Advocate, Hannah Bell.

Bell adds that “Every year, these incredible teen advocates create and develop an awareness campaign to reach peers with messages and resources which resonate with them.”

Members of LACASA’s 2021-2022 Teen Advisory Council are: Lauren Keesler, Jenna Stazak, John Meaney, Sam Boyer, Natalie Strickland, Adelaid Ellis, Annah Stang, Alli Singleton, and TAC Mentor Kelsey MacGregor.

“TAC members work faithfully throughout the year to amplify the voice of our local youth and to create and advise on teen-related education materials,” Bell said. “Because of their work, they have helped raise awareness about sexual assault in our community, resources for survivors, and the chance of hope and healing.”

Anyone interested in serving on the 2022-2023 Teen Advisory Council is directed to reach out to LACASA’s Social Change Advocacy Department at teens@lacasacenter.org.

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