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Innovation Academy students take to the water to help study flooding issues

A recent collaboration brought together local high school students and Hamburg Township residents trying to gain a better understanding of persistent flooding.

Dr. Amber Bismack and Diane Henry are with the group Residents Working Against Huron River Flooding, and recently worked with students from Howell’s Innovation Academy as they accessed Maltby Lake with kayaks to collect GPS data. The week before, they floated Dibrova Lake doing the same.

Innovation Academy

Innovation Academy is a high school designed to personalize learning and offer a flexible student schedule while still meeting the demands of the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

Bismack is a science educator who is running as a Democrat in Commission District 8 on Tuesday against Republican Nick Fiani.

The Huron River has two large tributaries that flow into it; South Ore Creek and Dibrova Creek. It is theorized that land-use changes and development upstream over the past 10 to 15 years have played a role in the ongoing flooding.

The students later met with Dr. Bismack and Dr. Wendy Robertson of Central Michigan University to develop skills in the ARCGIS software using the collected data.

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