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Howell’s Senior Survivor raises more than $188k, provides therapy dogs for every district building

Howell High School’s Senior Survivor fundraiser has concluded with the result that each Howell Public Schools school building will receive a therapy dog.

During the week-long fundraiser, the 16 survivors collected donations, participated in reward and immunity challenges, and hoped to raise enough money each day to remain in the competition. This year’s Senior Survivor raised $188,490.77 for the Highlander Hownds Therapy Dog program. The funds will cover the cost of a therapy dog and its training for each school in the district. It will also create a dedicated fund to cover the expenses related to the dogs’ care. When all of the money was counted, Sean Elberson (Team Chef Sean), was named the winner of this year’s Senior Survivor.

The Senior Survivors celebrate with Sean after he was named this year’s winner.

“It (Senior Survivor) was a horrible experience but an amazing experience at the same time. You are exhausted, tired, low on energy, but you have to keep pushing through. In the end, it’s all worth it. It is an amazing feeling, to just see how much we raised,” said Elberson 

The Highlander Hownds will be carefully selected and specially trained therapy dogs who will serve the students and staff of Howell Public Schools. By their very presence, the Highlander Hownds will help create positive learning experiences that can improve a student’s confidence, motivation, and overall academic achievement. 

Senior Survivor 2023 began Sunday, April 23, when 16 Howell High School seniors moved into the school with the goal of remaining in the competition until Friday. Each Senior Survivor was supported by a fifth-grade survivor at the elementary level, a middle school survivor at the middle school level, and a staff survivor. The junior and middle school survivors raised funds at their school to support their Senior Survivor.

The Senior Survivors with three of the Highlander Hownds and their handlers.

This year’s Senior Survivors are Ryan Chmura (Team Chmura-Cane), Paige Costello (Team Rampaige), Luke Stolz (Team Lukewarm), Makenzie Cude (Team Makattack), Sean Elberson (Team Chef Sean), Ethan Flore (Team Funk Master Flore) Connor Ford (Team Fordnite) Avery Gerace (Team Averytube) Elijah Keeton (Team Elijah Rockin), Zach Kuncaitis (Team Z-Money), Lea Macgregor, (Team Mac On Track) Ava Moore (Team Moore Money) Logan Porter (Team Logang) Harrison Putkela (Team Hookela) Olivia Speer (Team Speerit) Ellie Wolfe (Team Wolfe Pack).

With the money raised this year,Senior Survivor has now raised almost 1.2 million dollars for various non-profit organizations.

To learn more about Senior Survivor, please visit HowellSchools.com/survivor.

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