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Howell student gets response from President Biden

A Howell student had some strong opinions about the lack of action on climate change and not only sent her message straight to the White House, but heard back from the man who lives there.

Mira Vantaram reading her letter from President Biden

8-year-old Mira Vantaram of Hartland Township sent a letter last November to President Biden about her frustrations over a lack of action on climate change.

“I decided to do it because whenever I hear about climate change and we have to do something, like they say it so much and then they don’t do it,” she told GIGO News. “They’re not keeping their promises. It’s a little upsetting and it burns me up. So I wanted to do something.”

Vantaram, who attends Southwest Elementary School in Howell, says she told President Biden that something needs to done about the climate.

“We’re not doing enough,” said Mira. “It’s a lot of work. And I also wrote a PS about the hole in the ozone.”

Mira and her father, Vikas Vantaram, as he reads the letter

After mailing the letter, Mira kept asking her mother, Joanna Vantaram, if an answer had arrived until at a certain point she and her husband felt like they needed to manage her expectations.

“There’s so many letters that go there,” she told Mira. “I’m sure they read it, but a lot of kids are writing because we’ve heard other kids worry about it. There are people doing things right.’”

President Biden’s signature

However, on Friday afternoon after returning home from her Girl Scout meeting, they stopped to get their mail and there was a letter from the White House.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God, oh my God, it’s here.’ I was screaming, and you do not want to hear me scream,” she said, laughing.

The letter, which has a hand-written signature from Joe Biden, thanked Mira for writing about the environment.

“I am so proud of you for taking a stand to help protect the planet,” said the letter. “From the first day of our administration, we’ve been taking big steps to keep our environment safe and sustainable and to combat climate crisis. We are working to preserve and protect endangered animals. We are getting more of our energy from the sun and wind, and every day we are reducing pollution, habitat loss, and other environmental harm.”

“It is important that you continue to use your voice to speak out on this issue. Because of students like you, I am more confident than ever in our country’s ability to overcome any challenge we have to face. Always remember when you make your voice heard, adults listen.”

“I know that you have a bright future ahead. Study hard, keep challenging yourself and be good.”

Mira said that as excited as she was to get the letter, she’s not done.

“I want to start on something new, you know? We still have work to do.”

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