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Howell Seniors break ground on inclusive playground

A groundbreaking was held Friday on a playground for people of all abilities to Genoa Township funded through Howell High School’s Senior Survivor Project.

The 15th annual Senior Survivor competition took place the final week of April, raising $239,000 as a group of seniors were locked in the high school to compete in challenges. Last year’s project raised over $229,000 with the money being used from both years to build an inclusive, nature-inspired playground at the Genoa Township Park on the township hall property off Dorr Road.

Senior Survivor Playground will be an inclusive playground that allows people of all abilities to play together. In addition, this playground will consist of natural elements and textures such as logs, stumps, ropes, boulders, and plants. Natural playgrounds present opportunities for individual exploration and discovery and collaborative play. While playing at Senior Survivor Playground, children will develop physical, imagination, and problem-solving skills through self-directed play.

The township will also be contributing toward the cost of site work for the project.

Over the course of the 15 years that Howell Senior Survivor has been in operation, it has raised more than a million dollars for various community projects including the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Children’s Leukemia Foundation, and the Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance.

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