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Howell robotics team wins state championship

Competing against the best First Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics teams from around Michigan, Howell’s Team KRASH from Parker Middle School emerged victorious from the First in Michigan State Championship held Saturday at Calvin College in Grand Rapids.

After ending qualifying matches with a record of 4-2, Team KRASH was selected to be a member of the third alliance with Team Tiger Bots Orange from Fenton, Mich, and Team Joe Bots – White from St. Joseph, Mich. The alliance went 2-1 in both the semifinals and finals to claim the Woodie Flowers Division Championship and advance to the state finals.

The alliance defeated the Marie Curie Division Champions in the state finals, 2-0, to claim the state championship. In addition to the state title, Team KRASH was a finalist for the Promote and Innovate awards at the state event. 

Three of Howell’s other FTC teams also competed at the state championship event. Team KAOS ended qualifying matches with a record of 2-4 and was selected as a member of the fourth alliance in the Woodie Flowers Division semifinals, where the team was eliminated after two matches.

Team KAOS also claimed the Compass Award for an outstanding team mentor. Team KUDOS ended qualifying rounds with a record of 3-3, and Team KARMA finished qualifying matches with a record of 1-5. Neither teams KUDOS nor KARMA advanced past the qualifying rounds.

This marks the third time a Howell FTC team has claimed the state championship. Team KRASH claimed the state title in 2019, and Team KAOS earned the title in 2017.

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