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Howell American Legion mail tampered with, check stolen

A local veterans organization says its mailbox was broken into and items were stolen, including a donation check from a healthcare company.

According to a Facebook post on Tuesday , the American Legion Post 141 in Howell said that someone had broken into its mailbox and opened all of the mail.

“We know they stole a $2500 check from Humana, still trying to figure out what other items are missing,” said the post. “This act of thievery and vandalism has caused direct harm to the American Legion Family, Marine Corps League, and possibly other groups that are part of the Howell Veterans Organization.”

Officials say the stolen mail was left at a business three doors down from the Legion hall. An employee of that business reportedly said their workplace had also been ransacked.

Legion officials say they have no idea of which membership renewals or donations were delivered and are now missing.

“Donations are critical for our Legion so we can assist our local veterans in need,” they said. “We’re working on getting the word out about any Legion applications that could have been stolen, but it is difficult to determine since we are not aware of who was applying.”

They are certain the Humana donation check was stolen because the cover sheet was dropped off alongside other opened mail.

The organization plans to report the theft on Tuesday to the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office.

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