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Helmet fiasco forces flag football for Fowlerville kids

An unfulfilled contract will force kids in Fowlerville hoping to play tackle football this season to instead play flag football.

Parents of kids playing on 1st-8th grade recreation teams received an email from league organizers on Wednesday informing them that the company hired to recondition and recertify their helmets had failed to fulfill their contract and returned them untouched.

WLNS reports that  Fowlerville Superintendent Wayne Roedel said they have around 300 kids signed up for tackle football season and because of the snafu, players on those teams will have to play flag football instead.

A parent meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 15th at 5:30pm to provide parents more details on how the season will work. Monday will also begin a week-long open registration/”un-registration” period in which parents will have the opportunity to decide whether or not to have their child participate or unenroll from the program.

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