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Hartland seeks renewal of non-homestead millage

Voters in the Hartland Consolidated Schools district will cast ballots on May 2 for a non-homestead millage.

Last approved by Hartland voters in 2018, the millage will cost nothing for residential homestead property owners, but instead renew and restore the full 18 mills on non-homestead properties, generating approximately $5.5 million annually for the school district’s operating budget through 2028.

Non-homestead properties are generally commercial, business, vacation and rental properties and do not include a family’s primary residence.

The Michigan Constitution requires that millage rates be “rolled back” if taxable values increase more than the rate of inflation. As a result of this roll-back provision, the district is currently only able to levy 17.8939 mills instead of the full 18 mills.

The May 2 ballot is asking voters to renew the 17.8939 mills, and increase the .1061 mills in order to restore the millage rate back to the full 18 mills beginning with the 2023 levy.

According to the district’s information page, this is not a new tax, but the renewal of an existing levy that has been in existence since 1995. Additionally, the funds cannot be replaced by other sources.

“The 18 mills assessed on non-homestead properties amounts to approximately $5.5 million annually to support operations including instructional resources, classroom supplies, and teachers,” states the page. “This funding is essential to maintaining the current programs offered by the district. Should the millage not be approved, the district cannot replace this funding with any other source, and those revenues would be lost. Hartland Consolidated Schools would be required to reduce or cut programs to offset the loss.”


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