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Hartland Schools millage renewal overwhelmingly wins approval

Voters in the Hartland Consolidated Schools district have overwhelmingly approved a non-homestead millage that had drawn contentious debate.

By a 3-1 margin, the millage passed with 4,169 in favor and 1,275 against.

The millage renews and restores the full 18 mills on non-homestead properties, and will generate approximately $5.5 million annually for the school district’s operating budget through 2028.

The renewal had been opposed by the Livingston County Republican Party, including Chair Jennifer Smith and 7th District Chair Dan Wholihan, who actively campaigned against it.

Despite that, voters saw fit to grant the district the renewal which only affects commercial, business, vacation and rental properties and not district resident’s primary homes.

The vote was needed due to a requirement in the Michigan Constitution that millage rates be “rolled back” if taxable values increase more than the rate of inflation. As a result of this roll-back provision, the district would only have been able to levy 17.8939 mills instead of the full 18 mills unless the millage was approved.

“The 18 mills assessed on non-homestead properties amounts to approximately $5.5 million annually to support operations including instructional resources, classroom supplies, and teachers,” states the district’s information page. “This funding is essential to maintaining the current programs offered by the district. Should the millage not be approved, the district cannot replace this funding with any other source, and those revenues would be lost. Hartland Consolidated Schools would be required to reduce or cut programs to offset the loss.”

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